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Totem – The Feel Good Game – A Truly Unique, Fun and Only Positive Self-Discovery Game

The Feel Good Game that is great for all occasions, Friend and Families, Businesses (Team Building) and Educational (Schools)

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Product Description

YOU WILL BE SURPRISED: Positive emotions in a box; Imagine your friends coming together to tell you what they like the most about you.
HAVING FUN WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES: The game is uncomplicated and easy to follow with the included instructions. It’s packed with fun and with 6400 available Totems, every play can demonstrate a totally different aspect of your rich personality.
THE PERFECT AND CREATIVE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY! The Totem is built using an ANIMAL card – associated with one of your strengths, and a QUALITY card, which describes a quality you have. Both cards are chosen and then explained by the other players. Discover your strengths and qualities as seen through other people’s eyes!
PERFECT TO HIGHLIGHT A SPECIAL EVENT: Don’t miss your chance to create a strong and positive memory in someone’s life, by creating a Totem with a group of friends for an anniversary, promotion, achievement or to pay a tribute to someone.


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