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Captain Marvel Goose The Cat Pop! Vinyl

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Cat Got Your Tongue? Leave it to the cat to steal the show! Sure, we love Captain Marvel. Her repertoire of superpowers and her skill in kicking some serious bad guy butt are both second to none. But there's something so sweet and "innocent" about a little orange cat softly purring as Nick Fury gives him a few pets that just melts our heart. Ever since the first time we saw Goose in the Captain Marvel trailers, we knew that we were just going to have to get this Funko Pop! version of the furry friend. Fun Details This Pop! Captain Marvel Goose the Cat figure brings you a tiny version of the kitty cat seen in the movie. Funko has given the feline buddy a full Pop! treatment, complete with those adorable big black eyes. He has an orange tabby cat paint job and he's even wearing a little collar around his neck. The Hero You Deserve He's just so darn adorable, that we think he might just be the true hero that your Funko collection deserves! Of course, you'll want to pair this little guy with his pals, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, to make sure he doesn't feel lonely as the new kitty in your collection.