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Da Vinci Code Cryptex

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Product Description:

A detailed working model of the Cryptex as featured in The Da Vinci Code. It opens with the password from the movie, unless you wish to change it to your own secret code. Store your notes, poems, jewellery, keys or other valuables. The uses of this Cryptex are limited only by your imagination, perfect for sending someone the most special gift. Die-cast with an aged finish. Hidden compartment measures 5 x 1″, with an overall length of 6″ and comes with wooden box.

  • An authorized working model of the Da Vinci Code Cryptex as featured in the motion picture “The Da Vinci Code.”
  • Authentic movie replica, hand-crafted by the Noble Collection. The hidden compartment measures 5 inches x 1 inch.
  • NN5120
  • It opens with the password you set. You can change the password at any time. The overall length is 6 inches. Comes with a display box.