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Foooty - The Ball That Fits Every Pocket (Color: Red)

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Product Description:

Experience ïFoootyÍ, the unique lifestyle toy that allows you to play anywhere. Inspired by the ïbeautifulÍ game, Foooty features an innovative design that allows you to carry a flat 2D toy in your pocket and by constructing it with Lego-inspired building elements, create a ball to play with indoors or out. Endlessly versatile, it encourages creativity, allowing you to build a wide variety of balls, including a football, a rugby ball, star, Frisbee, juggling balls, a rocket and a cone.

Each pack comes with 10 Foooty elements, with which you can make all popular ball shapes to throw and kick around. Great for taking on holiday, to the park and for storing compactly, the game comes with a handy elastic band to keep your stack together and an instruction manual for learning the basics.

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