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GanjaLand - an Epic Weed Adventure!

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Product Description:

From the makers of What Do You Meme?

Get ready for an epic weed adventure with Ganjaland! The weed-themed board game from What Do You Meme™ and Lightly Toasted, in which players explore a magical place of fun, adventure, friendship and ganja of course.

Blaze up and bring the squad together for the royal reefer race of the century — bet you can’t say that ten times fast while stoned. Playing is simple, just pull a card from the deck, follow the card instructions, then move your character piece accordingly.

Adults only:

This game is intended for ages 18+ because ganja is for grownups :) Always toke responsibly (and legally).

Legal Disclaimer
In many other countries, it is a criminal offense to cultivate, possess, and/or supply cannabis. As these offenses can carry heavy penalties, such as imprisonment and/or fines, you should research your local laws. This game's purpose is for private entertainment and is not intended to encourage the disobedience of any law. Please smoke responsibly and follow your local laws regarding possession and legal age for recreational marijuana use.