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Gender Wars Adult Game

Product Description:

Gender Wars is a card game in which Mars and Venus collide in the ultimate showdown. The battle of the sexes has been raging since the dawn of time; now it's finally time to settle the dispute and find out whether it's the boys or girls who will reign supreme. Ideal as a party game for 4 or more players, teams do battle over 160 categories, each trying to guess the key words and claim their points. Can the girls guess five answers on subjects like 'Dream male jobs' or 'Classic rock tracks'. Will the boys know five answers to topics like 'What women carry in their handbags' or 'Men's most annoying habits'. Both teams also get the chance to guess their opponents' answers and win vital bonus points, but be quick as it's all against the clock. Combat has never been so much fun as in this great get-together game. Remember, no fraternising with the enemy... until the game is over. Box Contents: 80 Gender Wars cards featuring 160 categories 2 answer pads Sand timer 2 pencils Rules Perfect for a couple 80 Gender Wars cards featuring 160 categories Ages 16 and up Suitable for 4 or more players