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Hozelock 10L Pressure Sprayer


Product Description:

The 10 litre Pressure Sprayer from Hozelock provides an easy way to spray insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers in and around the garden and greenhouse. Ergonomically designed to be easy and comfortable to use. The 10 litre model has a maximum fill of 8 litres. This is an excellent multipurpose entry-level pressure sprayer for outdoor use. Features innovative last drop technology to ensure no waste occurs. ; Max. Fill level is stated in order to provide a sufficient air gap for pressurisation of the bottle. Provides easy, accurate, application of water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers. Adjustable cone nozzle delivering both jet and mist spray patterns. Size H60, W17.9, D17.9cm. Weight 1.58kg.