Hozelock 13mm Straight Connector - Squizzas

Hozelock 13mm Straight Connector

Product Description:

The Straight Connector allows you to either extend or repair 13mm hoses by simply screwing into place.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Compatible with all 13mm hoses
  • Provides a water tight connection
  • Can be removed and re-used if required

Easy to use – The Hozelock Easy Drip Straight Connector is an easy screw attachment that makes a water tight installation simple and fast.

Extend or repair – For extending or repairing 13mm hoses, rather than throwing your damaged hose away, the Straight Connector allows you to cut out the damaged piece of hose and then join the two halves back together. It also allows any 13mm hose to be extended by joining two 13mm hoses together.

Pack Size

x 2