Karoto Sharpener & Peeler - Squizzas

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Karoto Sharpener & Peeler

Product Description:

Say hello to your new best friend - the Karoto! While you're at it, say goodbye to the laborious peeling of vegetables because Karoto is a giant pencil sharpener shaped vegetable peeler with which you can peel carrots, courgettes, parsnips, cucumbers, those long radish things...and other similar shaped vegetables. It also allows you to sharpen & curl ribbons of your chosen veg to decorate and add a bit of fun to your salads and dishes. Karoto isn't just extremely useful but it looks funky as hell too!

- Great gift for any foodie!
- Peels, sharpens and curls your vegetables!
- Can be used on carrots, cucumbers, parsnips and courgettes
- Great novelty kitchen gift
- Looks like a giant pencil sharpener!