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Klask Table Game

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Invented in Denmark in 2013, Klask is the magnetic madness attracting the world! Ranked the #1 party game of 2015 in Sweden and Norway, youÍll find Klask totally magnetic! A compelling must-have for all households with a competitive edge, where winning is life, where losing is for losers.

ïHow do you play?Í we hear you Kl-ask. ItÍs simple! 2 Players sit opposite each other at either end of the board and defend their goal hole. At first glance you might think it is some form of wizardry as the pieces appear to move by themselvesƒ but itÍs actually the marvel of magnetism! You control your striker with a control magnet on the underside of the board, and use the little striker to get the ball in your opponentÍs goal! Just be sure to avoid the white obstacle magnetsƒ

Klask is energetic, fast paced and suitable for ages 8+. This is a game of speed and precision, no need to worry about complex strategies and rules, itÍs perfect for quick, fun games and tournaments to determine the ultimate winner (though of course itÍs the taking part that countsƒ). If you too see the attraction of Klask, order your set today!

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