Little People Sensory Farm - Squizzas


Little People Sensory Farm

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need a tune-up? A fuel-up? A ramp to ZOOM down? Then head on over to the Little People Rollin' Ramps Garage! Place Koby and his car on the elevator and take it to the top to park. Or, flip the gate and ZOOM down the ramps! You're back on the first floor, so drive over to the gas pump to fuel up. Press the button for fun garage sounds, like "glug-glug" as you fill your tank. And when it's time for a tune-up, stop at the service station on the second floor and put the car on the mechanic's lift to check it out! Why buy me? Flip up the gate and zoom down the ramp! Working elevator-- for car and driver! Press buttons at gas pump for fun sounds! Plenty of room to park at the topIncludes Koby and his car