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Luckies Scratch Map Wild World

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Product Description:
  • WILDLIFE SCRATCH OFF MAP – Use this fun scratch off map to learn more about animals and where they live throughout the world. This colourful scratch poster will keep both boys and girls entertained for hours.
  • COLOURFUL DESIGN– This Wildlife Education Scratch Map identifies each animal by where it lives as well as lists them at the bottom. Each country is represented by an animal and interesting facts help your child learn.
  • WILDLIFE EDUCATION - Keep them busy with this scratch off map that features over 70 different animals. A fun fact sheet is also included to provide even more information helping kids learn in a unique way.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - This scratch map provides an opportunity to learn while also having fun. Children love animals and this scratch off map helps them understand where they live and why. Scratch map measures 82.3 x 59.2 centimeters.
  • ORIGINAL SCRATCH MAP COMPANY – When you buy scratch maps from Luckies of London, you’re getting the best as we’re the first in the business. Started in 2009 our maps are made with pride in the UK.