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Make Your Own Rainbow Crunchy Slime

Product Description:

All of our slime products are safe, non-toxic, and in line with all EU toy safety regulations. Test reports and official certifications can be made available upon request – see below for more details.

All-in-one home kit to make a pot of slime with a crunchy-like texture. Simply pour all ingredients into a container and mix them together, then take it out and mead it in your hands. The addition of rainbow beads to the mix means that the final slime has a satisfying and slightly crunchy feel to it. The set includes everything you need to make a generous handful of gloopy fun.

Safety Information:

Tobar products are rigorously tested against EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 and other relevant standards. Where necessary, third-party accredited companies ensure these products conform to the European Toy Safety Directive. Under EN71-3, slimes are classed as a liquid or sticky toy material and the limit for boron is 300mg/kg. Putties, under EN71-3, are classified as a pliable toy material and the Boron limit is 1200mg/kg. All of our slime and putties fall below these limits. We are happy that our products conform to UK and EU legislation and are safe for children to use. 

  • Slime making kit with rainbow beads
  • Produces slime with a crunchy feel
  • Includes base solution, contact solution, coloured dye and rainbow beads
  • Available in four different colours