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National Geographic Metal Detector - For Children

Product Description:

You do not have to sail on the high seas or accidentally find an old map to find buried treasures. In fact, all around us, just below the earth's surface, are valuable Precious metals that just wait to be found. All you need to start the hunt is this metal detector! Metal detection is a great hobby for adventurers of all ages. With One of these devices you can find coins, jewellery and even antiques. With this metal detector for children the little ones can go on their own treasure hunt. Metal objects up to 5 cm depth are indicated by an acoustic signal. National Geographic Metal Detector Features: The shaft with the ergonomically shaped handle can be adjusted from 65-83 cm. In the case of a localised find, the LEDs are used for visual signalling in addition to an acoustic signal The detachable LED light ensures sufficient brightness even at dusk.