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Pylos Mini Game

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Product Description:

Pylos, by Gigamic Games, is a multi-award winning, abstract strategy game that requires a good deal of strategic thought. The game is simple to learn and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The aim of the game is to build up the pyramid by placing your marbles on the board - the player to complete the pyramid wins.

Pylos is a very aesthetic game comprising all wooden components. We have the Mini, Classic and Giant editions all available to buy.

Mini edition of the excellent Gigamic strategy game, Pylos. Featuring wonderful wooden components, this smaller-sized Pylos game is both affordable and practical and ideal for travelling gamers and those with limited space.

Gigamic Games' Pylos is a multi-award winning game that is quick to learn but has a good deal of complexity. Two players each have 15 marbles and take turns to place them on the board and form a pyramid. Simple rules allow each player to save their marbles - such as moving one they have already played - and the winner is the player who saves the most marbles and is thus last to complete the pyramid.


  • 1 x wooden board
  • 30 x wooden balls - 15 of each colour
  • 1 x cloth bag
  • 1 x set of multi-lingual rules

Ages: 8
Players: 2
Game time: 15 mins