Quirk! A Ridiculously Silly Game For Awesome Fun People

Quirk! is the laugh-out-loud family card game that encourages you to be odd...

Act out the quirks & find what works as you collect the characters you need! You might have to wink, walk, trumpet or squawk while you do your quirky impressions!

Quirk! is simple fun for everyone: you're never alone in the silliness. Laugh with family and friends. Watch out, though! Players can steal your sets as you distract, block & act your way to victory!

With 56 cards and 13 impressions, Quirk! is big enough to fill the room with laughter... And small enough to carry in a bag! Perfect for parties, travel and camping.

Quirk! A ridiculously-silly game for awesomely-fun people.

Age: 5+. 2-6 players

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