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Ridleys Selfish Zombie Game

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How far would you go to save yourself? Totally selfish behaviour and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game. Only one person can survive the zombie apocalypse and get to the safety of the rescue helicopter!

Use the remaining survival supplies to advance through a wasteland overrun with the undead, battling against broken ankles, roving bandits and most dangerous of all, each other, to win! Gameplay continues even after you've turned into a flesh-eating zombie, where you have turns to terrorise and prevent your fellow players from winning the game!

Full of clever puns and pop culture references, this merciless strategy card game includes 5 character cards, 1 helicopter card, 41 wasteland cards, 48 supplies cards, 33 game cards, a place marker and instructions. 2 or more players, ages 7+ and 20 minutes of gameplay.