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Shot No Chaser Under The Influence - The Best Adult Drinking Party Game Ever

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Product Description:
  • Features 4 decks (200 cards total) with questions, challenges, and dares to complete!
  • Open the box and your next party, college reunion, birthday or drinking game night will be a hit!
  • Games can be played with or without alcohol but please drink responsibly. NSFW!

We've all been at a party and thought... why am I here? You can't quite tell if it's because you're with the SAME people doing the SAME things or if the party is actually boring AF.

Well, we have some good news for you... With Under The Influence, you never have to wonder why you're at a party again!

If you're tired of the boring kickbacks, lame parties or you just want to see a certain "someone" get wild then this is the game you've been waiting for!

How To Play

Players take turns (clockwise) picking from the deck of their choosing. You can mix and match decks however you see fit. All cards drawn must be read out loud. Cards that require you to drink mean -take a sip- unless it directly states to take a shot.

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