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Siren 909 Batting Gloves

Pad/Glove Sizes and Hand

Product Info:

Combining innovative design with state-of-the-art materials, the GM 2020 batting glove range offers high levels of protection manufactured to a professional standard with a luxurious finish. Appealing to top level cricketers from all over the World, the comfort range of motion and protection offered allows the wearer to concentrate fully on playing performance.

Top-level gloves are manufactured to match 2020 product aesthetics.

  • 0.48 kg
  • Calf Leather Palm, Additional Palm Wear Patch
  • PU+ Back of Hand
  • HD Foam & Raw Cotton Finger Rolls
  • Offset Fingersplits Reduce Knuckle Exposure
  • HD Foam Back of Hand Filling/Plastic Fibre Back of Hand Filling
  • Multi Section Back of Hand
  • Soft-Fill Comfort, Comfort Lining
  • Two-Piece Thumb
  • Side Bar Protection
  • Double Sided Sweatband.