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    Luckies of London

    Smartphone Projector 2.0 Cinema In A Box Preassembled


  • Colour: refer to the picture,
  • Material: Paper,
  • Size: 19 * 18 * 11cm,
  • Can be inserted in the phone size: not more than 14.5 * 8 cm (Not fit for iPhone 6 Plus),
  • SmartPhone Projector is a homemade cell phone mini projector. You can play on your mobile phone video / movie projected onto the wall, providing 8 times magnification, it has become a small home theater.
  • DIY smartphone projector has a new upgrade to the second generation, compared to the previous generation of color more fashionable. The first generation of the assembly complex, the second generation is more simple, just install the projection lens can be used.
  • This is a fun mobile phone projector, please do not compared with professional projection.
  • When darkness surrounding To see more clearly, please carefully interpret graphic box.

    According to the principle of a magnifying glass, image is reversed, not a quality problem, but can be adjusted according to the situation:
    1) If the image is upside down, flip the phone to direct;
    2) If the graphic reversed left to right:
    (A) Andrews phone system available to "" google play "" Download "" ultimate rotaion contro "" software to control the image reverse.
    (B) iPhone mobile phone, the phone can be "" Settings "" - "" General "" - "" Accessibility "" - "" assistive Touch "" - Equipment - rotation - left Horizontal / right to adjust the horizontal.

    Packaging detail:

  • 1 x Cardboard DIY Smartphone Projector
  • 1 x Silicone pad
  • 1 x Amplifier Len
  • 1 x Paper cylinder
  • 2 x Rubber rings
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