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Spyfall Card Game

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  • Spy fall is a party game unlike any other, one in which you get to be a spy and try to understand what's going on around you.
  • Easy to learn and game set-up takes just a few seconds
  • Ages 15+
  • 3 to 8 players
  • 30 - 45 minutes playing time

Product Description

Walk a mile in the shoes of a spy! Or was it a kilometer in clogs? Spyfall is an easy-to-learn card game of bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion. At the start of each round, players receive a secret card informing them of the group's location – a casino, space station, pirate ship, circus, (30 unique locations!) – except that one player receives the SPY card instead of the location. The Spy doesn’t know where they are, but wins the round if they can figure it out before they blow their cover!

Box Contains

  • 240 Game Cards
  • 30 Plastic Bags
  • Rulebook