Superbee Sandwich Wrap - Banana Pineapple - Squizzas


Superbee Sandwich Wrap - Banana Pineapple

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Product Description:
No more need for plastic bags or foil with SUPERBEE wraps!

What are the characteristics of the Superbee wrap?

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic.
The durable replacement for plastic bags, plastic film and aluminum film.
Ideal for storing a piece of cheese or 2 sandwiches, and covering a small dish.
Also ideal for packaging, for example, a bar of soap or a bouquet of flowers.
Made from 100% organic cotton, OTOP certified beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and lots of love.
Due to the anti-bacterial effect, it is safe to use for foods and stays fresh longer.
The coconut oil and tree resin ensure that the wrap can be folded tightly and then stays in that shape.
With proper maintenance, the beewrap will last about a year for daily use.
Practical set with 3 times the size medium.
Every shipment contains new patterns.
How do you use the Superbee wrap - 3 x size M?
Before the first use, turn the beewrap into a plug and then unfold it again.
The beewrap is ready for a first use.
Take a dish, and easily fold the beewrap around it. Press gently with the hands as you are used to with household foil.

What exactly can I use the Superbee wrap?

Pieces of fruit or vegetables
Cheese preservation.
Cover bowls or small plates with it.
Packing 2 sandwiches.
Give a bar of soap as a gift

How do you clean the Superbee wrap?

Wash the bend wrap in lukewarm water, a drop of organic dishwashing detergent and scrub the bend wrap clean.

Allow to air dry, then fold it to store (or roll up the wrap)
Superbee is for anyone who wants to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use it, wash it and reuse it!