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Tonies Creative Tonie - Blank

Tonies Creative - Tonie Blank

Creative-Tonies are just like Tonies - hand-painted, pretty tough... but with the space to fill them with 90 minutes of whatever you like. Just upload audio using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our Blank not only wants to hear your favorite stories or music like any real Creative Tonie. Painted or feathered - this little friend can not get enough of your creativity.


Product details

Creative-Tonie Running time: 90 minutes

Age recommendation: 3+

Accessories: Booklet

Note: Not suitable for children younger than 36 months. To get started, all you need is internet access, a Toniebox with a Wi-Fi connection and a Toniecloud account. Tonie-App available for iOS from version 9 and Android from version 4.4 (KitKat).