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Zombies 3rd Edition

Product Description:


Playtime is over! Your parents, siblings, and neighbors have all been trying to bite you, and it's really getting in the way of your playtime. You've got a baseball and a narf gun, though, so it's go time! THEY need a time out! Zombies!!! Jr. reimplements the Zombies!!! miniatures game with larger, thicker and fewer tiles in the playing area and artwork suitable for the entire family. Game play allows for younger kids to play while still getting the feel of the Zombies!!! game. Game contains 15 tiles, 30 cards, 50 zombie figures, 6 player pawns, "Pow" and brain tokens and a die. You can play against each other, with a buddy or as a group. The goal is to get to the center square of the Helipad first or with your buddy or as a group without anyone losing all of their brains!

Box Contains

15 Tiles 30 Cards 50 Zombie Figures 6 Player Pawns "Pow" Tokens Brain Tokens A Die

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